What we do

Our offering is pretty unique.

We provide a reliable and consistent healthcare writing service. Alongside strong foundations in science and data is our ability to weave those elements together into a captivating story. One that resonates with your audience, and that is aligned with the brand. 

It's the benefit of having science and creative writers all under one roof. We work together in the same way that your in-house team does. 

We also have the full spectrum of healthcare communications covered. Medical and creative copy writing go without saying. But we also offer referencing support, strategic counsel and planning as well as the ability to adapt to the digital space. 


Some of our recent work

*tactical launch campaigns * disease awareness campaigns * strategy * comms planning * educational programmes * pitch proposals * website copy * brochures, leaflets  and leave pieces * adverts * patient material * sales aids and e-details * brand and play books * slide decks * clinical summary reports * advisory board meetings and symposia * scripts * animations * reference packs * email campaigns * blog-posts * proof-reading *

* copy-editing *

RubyDuke Referencing

science green 2 .png

Imagine a world where your referencing is handled for you

Imagine no longer! 


At RubyDuke, we love nothing more than getting stuck into a reference pack, a Veeva or ZINC upload or an approval cycle.


And it seems that our clients love being able to rely on us for all their referencing needs. So we are pleased to introduce RubyDuke Referencing, a bespoke referencing service to support all of your reference handling needs.


We can help with reference pack creation, referencing queries, and of course, approval software upload, linking and annotation.


Get in touch to find out more about our work, how we do it or to discuss ways we can help.