A bit about us

We’re a highly qualified healthcare communication collective; medical and creative copywriters, strategists, coaches, bloggers, marketeers and project managers.

Between us, we have over 35 years’ experience within healthcare agencies and pharmaceutical companies. This spans European and global healthcare brands across almost all therapeutic areas. 


So we understand the challenges of delivering multi-channel campaigns to tight deadlines.

We’re a diverse bunch – amongst us we have Veterinary Surgeons, a former Research Scientist and Microbiologist, an Equine Immunologist and a Workplace Culture Champion. Not to mention the PhDs. 


Who we are

Ruth Clements, PhD (aka Ru)

Scientific Strategic Lead

She’s a qualified Veterinary Surgeon with a PhD, so she’s passionate about creating content and communications with a strong evidence base. By grasping a deep knowledge of the science, the strategy, and the relevant audiences, Ru has a knack for knowing what to say to change minds and influence behaviour. She has a wealth of experience in medical writing, creating robust and innovative strategic and scientific solutions.

Natasha Botha

Creative Communications Lead

She has a talent for clear expression, articulating even the most detailed of ideas or arguments in a concise manner. Using everyday, genuine, approachable language, Natasha’s content is always presented in a logical and coherent way. Having been in the healthcare industry for over a decade her experience is vast, spanning consumer healthcare marketing, design, copywriting and both account and project management.

Pippa Sammes, PhD 

Senior Medical Copywriter

She has a PhD in marine phytoplankton and loves getting to grips with understanding how things work at a molecular level. With nearly a decade’s experience of medical and scientific writing, and a genuine passion for sharing value-driven knowledge, she is happy delivering complex written materials and face-to-face training in both promotional and non-promotional settings. Pippa loves English paper piecing (quilting), greyhounds, cryptic crosswords & foaming thunderjugs of coffee!

Alicia Jones

Medical Communications Specialist

She’s a qualified Veterinary Surgeon who enjoyed writing so much that it’s now become her main focus. Organised and efficient, she takes great satisfaction in ticking things off the to-do list as she works through a project, making sure the job’s done to the highest possible standard. Alicia has a keen eye for detail – and a passion for combining science with creativity – to deliver clear and compelling content tailored to specific audiences.

Stacey Davidson

Creative Strategic Lead 

She's full of creative ideas and new ways of thinking, and is a talented communicator with a passion for writing, strategy and planning. Fascinated by the underlying psychology of what makes medical communications great, Stacey cleverly unpicks how they make us feel, behave and interact. The diversity of her many years' experience mean she’s skilled in business development, account handling, project management, design and

creative copywriting.

Sam Lethbridge, PhD

 Scientific Communications Lead

He has a PhD and research experience in Molecular Microbiology which means he’s used to delving deep into the science with an excellent attention to the fine details. This background and his years of professional writing experience in the healthcare industry allow him to manage a project, whatever its size, creating accurate and engaging communications every time. Sam is our go-to for keeping up to date on regulatory codes.

Stacey Blease, PhD (aka Sparky)

Scientific Copywriter

She’s a qualified Veterinary Surgeon with a PhD who is passionate about research and education. From her experience in educational roles, Sparky enjoys seeing people become more confident after using knowledge transfer resources. When planning educational content and copywriting, she carefully considers how best to provide evidence-based information to the target audience. Her ability to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly means that she is great at getting up to speed on new projects.

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Joe Hodgson

Medical Communications Specialist

He's gained a deep scientific knowledge base through practicing as a veterinary surgeon. A thirst for new research and a fierce creative streak drove him into med-comms, where he has delivered work of the highest standard for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. From scientific publications to a wide variety of educational resources, Joe always strives to create engaging materials that are quickly and easily understood. In his spare time, Joe loves to play cricket and he also performs in a karaoke rock band.

Find out more about what we do, why us and how we work.  Or get in touch and we can tell you ourselves!