The happiness/salary sweet spot: Careers that do both

Choosing a career is probably the single most important decision we make. But what do we actually base this decision on?

At RubyDuke we love science – like a lot – so we decided to come up with a methodical, data-based approach for finding the occupations that sit right in that perfect sweet spot between wellbeing and wealth.

If you could go back to that critical time when you were deciding what to do with your life, our guess is that you might have liked a sneaky peak at this data visualization…

Tip – If you hover over the data dot, it will tell you the career, mean salary and the life satisfaction score.
UK Occupations: Mean Salary vs Mean Personal Wellbeing

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So how did we compile these data?

First, we trawled through data collected from The Office for National Statistics for over 200 careers.

Second, we plotted Mean Personal Wellbeing by occupation (measured out of 10 for life satisfaction, sense of worthwhile, happiness yesterday and anxiety yesterday) as recorded in the Annual Population Survey.

Third, we plotted that against Mean Average Gross Pay from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE 2015) for mean annual salary limits between £0-£100,000.


And after all that the winner is…?

Air Traffic Control!

Who knew wearing high-vis jackets and ear muffs could be so much fun?


Taxi to the airport please, we’ve got a plane to catch control!

Until next time,


Air Traffic Control

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