we are

the RubyDuke team

And we’re in the business of going the extra mile to create healthcare content that solves problems, tells compelling stories, and makes people sit up and take notice.

We are that clear head that brings diverse thinking at project kick-off, that creative heart that cultivates new ways of communicating effectively, and that safe pair of hands that can save the day when a project takes an unexpected turn.

Because at RubyDuke, we are strategists, bloggers, marketers, project managers and coaches, as well as medical and creative copywriters. In our previous lives, most of us have worked in healthcare agencies, some of us have worked in pharma (or medical devices), a few of us have worked in research labs and a fair number of us have been vets.

That’s a whole lot of diverse experience wrapped up in one team wouldn’t you say?

Also, we often get asked about our name and where it came from. It’s a nice story is this one! Take a look here.

team sam static


Scientific Director

Sam has a PhD and research experience in Molecular Microbiology which means he’s used to delving deep into the science with an excellent attention to the fine details. This background and his years of professional writing experience in the healthcare industry allow him to manage a project, whatever its size, creating accurate and engaging communications every time. Sam is our go-to for keeping up to date on regulatory codes.

team natasha static


Patient Communications Director

Natasha is our go-to for patient materials. She has a special interest in health literacy and is passionate about creating accessible, easy-to-understand content that can help people better understand their health. Natasha has a talent for clear expression, articulating even the most complex of ideas in a concise manner using genuine, everyday language.

team ru static


Learning and Development Director

Ru is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon with a PhD, so she’s committed to creating content and communications with a strong evidence base. She has a wealth of experience in medical writing, creating robust and innovative strategic and scientific solutions. She also has a special interest in teamwork and high performance and holds a Professional Certificate in Coaching accredited through Henley Business School and The University of Reading. At RubyDuke, she is particularly passionate about creating learning communities that champion wellbeing, development, creativity and compassion.

paul 1


Operations Manager

Kelly has a superb eye for detail, a creative flair, and a knack for outside-the-box thinking. She loves finding the right solutions for any problem she faces. Spending most of her time engaging and communicating with new and existing clients, Kelly helps secure the perfect writer for each project. Keeping the team busy with scheduling their work and bringing new ideas to the table, Kelly isn’t just creative in her day job, she also loves photography, creating stories through video & stills editing, martial arts, and travel.

Science Comms Hub

team pippa static


Medical Communications Specialist

Pippa has a PhD in marine phytoplankton and loves getting to grips with understanding how things work at a molecular level. With nearly a decade’s experience of medical and scientific writing, and a genuine passion for sharing value-driven knowledge, she is happy delivering complex written materials and face-to-face training in both promotional and non-promotional settings. Pippa loves English paper piecing (quilting), greyhounds, cryptic crosswords & foaming thunderjugs of coffee!



Scientific Team Lead

During a decade of scientific writing, Paul has developed expertise across many communication channels, creating strategically aligned, creative content for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. He loves getting to grips with complex scientific paradigms, producing visual and engaging communications to create that ‘light bulb moment’ for the reader. Outside of work he loves time in the garden, on the badminton court, or snapping wildlife!

team elaine static


Medical Communications Specialist

Elaine is a qualified veterinary surgeon with a bonus English degree. After 15 years as a clinician, she chose to marry her love of language and communication with her medical background. She is curious and meticulous with an unnatural love of PowerPoint…and a very natural love of tea!

Brand Comms Hub

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Scientific Team Lead

Joe has gained a deep scientific knowledge base through practicing as a veterinary surgeon. A thirst for new research and a fierce creative streak drove him into med-comms, where he has delivered work of the highest standard for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. From scientific publications to a wide variety of educational resources, Joe always strives to create engaging materials that are quickly and easily understood. In his spare time, Joe loves to play cricket and he also performs in a karaoke rock band.

rudy static


Medical Communications Specialist

Rudy initially trained as a doctor before switching to medical writing. This professional background has given him an understanding of both patient and physician perspectives which he regularly uses in his work. With over 10 years of writing experience, Rudy prides himself on “getting it”; quickly understanding the client’s needs to produce impactful communications in line with their brief, budget, and strategic aims.