How we give back

One of our core values is altruism – doing good in life in as many ways as we can. From our eco-approach to running the virtual RubyDuke office to our toilet twinning initiative, we want to leave the world better than we found it. This is also where the RubyDuke Foundation comes in, where we provide pro-bono support to charities looking for help with their communications.

How do we manage these projects?

Whether a communications agency client or a charity partner, we treat all our collaborations in exactly the same way. We keep a day a month free to work on RubyDuke Foundation projects, organise team training and work on our personal development. These initiatives contribute to our fantastic culture of altruism, continuous learning, and personal growth.

What sort of projects do we get involved with?

We focus on Foundation projects where our communications expertise can make the biggest impact. Often repurposing our skills in medical writing for blogs and websites, social media campaigns, or delivering a plan to overcome key communication obstacles.

Some of the charities we work with are tackling big issues, like homelessness, social equality and end-of-life care. We are also a team of animal lovers (look no further than the origin of our name, ‘RubyDuke’) so we are always very happy and excited to work with animal charities. It also comes in handy having several vets in the team!


Does this strike a chord?

If you are a charity looking for some support or expertise, or just need a sounding board to get a different perspective, we would love to hear from you.

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