The only culture conference for Healthcare Communicators

Immerse yourself in a full day event as we are joined by guest speakers and industry professionals.

Friday 20th September 9am – 6pm

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We are RubyDuke Communications

And we provide a reliable, brilliant, and expectation-exceeding freelance medical writing service that you can trust.

But how do we do it?

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic healthcare writers have diverse backgrounds, but there are a few things that everyone has in common; proficiency in working with science and data, the ability to craft a compelling and attention-grabbing story, and competence in the relevant regulations to ensure compliance and swift approval. So, why not check out the team and learn a bit more about us.

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Sounds like I need RubyDuke in my life!

Yes you do!

So, if you’re currently scratching your head, wondering ‘how am I going to find a competent and trustworthy freelance writer who is able to provide support for this project…and who just gets it?’ then you can stop the scalp abrasion this instant.

For behold, you have found the answer.

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The proof’s in the pudding

So, if you’re thinking…

‘But we’ve only just met – I need to know more first!’

…then we get ya. We need to earn your love.

So, why not have a look at the sort of work we typically fill our days with. We hope it will help you get a feel for what working with RubyDuke is like.

What we do